Resources for Bilingual Education in ECEC
(Early Childhood Education and Care)

All partners working in Second Soul project have developed two guides for promoting the bilingual education in Preschool age


This guide is an introduction to bilingualism at an early age. Most of the parents and teachers teaching a second language do not know about how the brain of the children works when they are exposed to the learning of two languages at the same time (0 -6 years) and they do not know the different stages of bilingualism. This guide aims to help parents and teachers better understand the children and help them with learning a second language. At the same time, they will learn how to face some situations before they occur and some tips for improving the way they communicate with the children in the second language.


This guide provides parents and teachers with methodologies for working together. Offering the parents simple educative strategies and basic games, videos, songs, experiments, activities... they can do with the children at home for learning basic vocabulary in the second language. This guide wants to invite the teachers to take the second language out of the classrooms and make it part of the children's life with the families' support. Providing them with methodologies, activities, resources, and tools for doing it even if the families do not speak the second language.


You can download this guides in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Polish and Macedonian in the Erasmus+ Results Platform.


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